Animal Adventure: Downhill Rush - Let's grab your sleds and start a winter journey [Game][Free]


Nov 25, 2017
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Hey there!

I have been working on this game starting from January, 15. I decided to make a new game up to the next winter holidays and looks like it's a time :) . Winter is here. Snow is everywhere. It's a great time to grab your sleds and snow slide along the winter horizons. Even if you don't have a sledge! Don't worry! Animal Adventure: Downhill Rush can give it for you :)


It's a runner but not a generic one. There are added some elements of the racing games. It feels really more interesting. For example the surface detection on ice, wood and snow, some inertia forces and so on. You have to run through the cities, villages, snowy mountains, frozen rivers, avoid the running bears and car drivers. Collect gifts and a lot of various items.

The gameplay is much dynamic. Someone is driving the car. Bear, Moose are running through the road. Some rocks fall down from the cliff. You have to avoid all of that obstacles. But it's okay to hit something in the game. We have 3 lives at the start and any impact deduct only one life. Time to time you can find a life-up per the game level.


The game levels have 3 types of difficulty (starting from easy and up to the difficult one). So that everyone can get some fun during the game! If you have a good skills just try to complete the hard difficulty! It's going to be very fast :)

Of course there is an ability to upgrade your sleds. After completing the levels we can get a lot of interesting details which can improve our sleds. For example at the start we are getting the Spring detail. It adds the jump ability. So that we can go over the various obstacles by tapping the both 'left' and 'right' buttons. There are a lot of different upgrades like a magnet, rockets, impulse gun and so on. Besides of that we can change the skin of sleds and animals. Everyone will find the most beautiful one :)


At this moment the game has 100 levels. Do you think is enough? Levels have 5 different types. In some cases we just need to get to the finish time, in some other ones the task is a bit difficult like complete the level before timer is left and so on.


I very like ingame music. I spent a lot of time to find out the most awesome soundtracks for the game. Phone-heads much recommended! All of that is covered by low poly design. The overall picture is looking very good.

If you like runners or racing games or any kind of something similar one then you definitely have to try it out. I believe you get a lot of fun with that game :)

The game is available on App Store by the following link: [URL="]App Store Link[/URL]