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Android to ios ..... too confused pls help


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dear friends, i am new to ios family , just purchased 5s updated to ios10 and planning 7 next month. kindly help me pls. i have certain basic questions that are frustrating me..
1. file explorer for iphone
2. where downloaded files are stored
3. how to transfer all the files to windows based computer.
4. phone explorer for windows 10

kindly help me to understand iphone a friendly way.
thanks lots

Hendri Hendri

Well-known member
Feb 1, 2015
1. No file explorer for iOs

2. You can view the files at the app (for example , mp3 will showed up at your music app, video at your video app, picture at you photos-app, etc)

3. Transfer all files to windows computer ? From iphone ? .... photos and music can use itunes, but I'm not a fan of migrating file with itunes. It's more easy to use cloud service. Or you can look at AnyTrans software for windows, i think it can drag and drop likewise explorer, never try it, and I don't think it's free software though ..... or pls search for itools, should be free
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