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Andrew & Alexa launch Ruler for iPhone & iPad,  giveaway!


New member
Sep 21, 2010
We'll admit, when we released Ruler 1.0 back in June, we didn't take it seriously. It was written off as a side project and wasn't given the attention it deserved, leaving us (and thousands of users) with a mediocre product. With Ruler 2, we've thrown out literally everything from the original and created something brand new that we love.


We wanted to bring fun and simplicity to a task that's relatively tedious and mundane. While conventional rulers involve mentally discerning measurements from small markings, using Ruler is just a matter of aligning the pointer for a precise, fully formatted measurement.

Ruler takes further advantage of its non-wood medium to bring you some useful extras, too. Save and come back later to see what you measured and when. Convert between inches and centimeters with one tap. Copy and paste values into other apps like Calculator and Mail.

You can even measure long objects by sliding the device and swiping. The app includes a visual guide demonstrating this simple technique. Here's a video if you're curious about how it works:

YouTube - Ruler for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

Some background on who we are: This is my first app release. My partner, Andrew, created Classics for iPhone (Classics: Reading redefined, for iPhone & iPod Touch) with Phill Ryu in 2008. You may have seen it featured on Apple's "there's an app for that" TV commercials. It also became the inspiration for iBooks this year.

One more thing? we're giving away lots of shiny new  stuff! You can win:
? Grand prize: The brand-new 64 GB iPod touch with FaceTime, Retina display, HD video recording, and Game Center.
? 2nd: The 16 GB iPod nano redesigned with Multi-Touch.
? 3rd: The smaller, streamlined Apple TV.
? 4th: The new iPod shuffle.

Visit Ruler for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch to enter the contest and to check out the app in action! It's only 99? (for now).

All comments/questions welcomed. : ) We'd love feedback.