Amzer Hybrid Warrior Review (7 Plus)


Dec 25, 2011
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The Amzer Hybrid Warrior is a dual layer case with a kickstand. It’s fairly straightforward, however I do have some issues with it. I can’t complain though as the case only costs $8. Although this is a dual layer case, you don’t need to remove the outer shell to put on or take off the case, which I really like. The soft layer of the case is plastic material with added grip on the sides of the phone, and they don’t work as well as I would like. The hard layer of the case is a rubber material with truck tire patterning that is quite effective at adding grip, as long as it’s in your hand and held in portrait orientation. The kickstand, which is part of the hard layer, is really nice. It pops out easily, locks into place easily, and very easily collapses as well. The covers over the buttons feel really stiff and don’t seem to align quite right which causes some issues with pressing them, mainly on the power button. Now for my main issues with the case, which may just be a matter of getting lemon, I’m not sure. My particular case seems to be slightly warped, which isn’t too big of an issue except it doesn’t fully cover part of my phone. Other than that, the camera cutout isn't aligned quite right, not enough to cause any issues though, and the Apple logo cutout is noticeably off center. All in all though, it’s definitely what you’d expect for the price.


The Good
  • Adds some decent grip
  • Kickstand works very well
  • Layers don’t need to be separated for installation or removal

The Bad
  • Buttons are a little stiff
  • Cutouts aren’t quite right
  • Not as grippy in landscape orientation




Really, if you’re looking for a cheap case that adds some better than average drop protection and a little extra grip, it’s worth looking at. If you’re picky about cutouts being properly aligned though, maybe it’s not the case for you. It is hard to beat $8 for a case though.

You can purchase the Amzer Hybrid Warrior right from the iMore Store.

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