Amopic, powerful photo editor on iPhone,iPad,Mac OS X


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Dec 28, 2011
Amopic offers users a complete suite of image manipulation tools that are easy to use and produce high quality, professional looking results. Rather than spending hours in front of a computer, professionals and amateurs alike can now produce stunning images and original artwork with a few simple clicks on their mobile device.

Amopic combines the most important features of the expensive, PC based photo manipulation software, allowing users to quickly and easily fix red eye or crop an image; or go all out with text, special effects and more.

Amopic adjustment features include:
* Crop, resize, flip and rotate
* HSL adjustment
* RGB and contrast refinement

A comprehensive set of editing tools allows users to add effects to a small part of an image, or dramatically change the entire photo with filters and other special features!

Effects include:
* Pixelize / Mosaic
* Edge detection
* Red eye removal
* Despeckle
* Emboss
* Blur / Sharpen
* Filters including: Sepia, Greyscale, Solarize, Posterize and Noise
* Flashlight and Lighten effects

A full set of drawing tools allows users to further enhance their images with text, shapes, and other popular tricks; or they can create original artwork from a blank canvas.

Amopic drawing tools include:
* Paintbrush / Pencil, eraser
* Copy and Paste within single or multiple images
* Text of different colors, size
* Fill / Gradient fill
* Shapes (Line, Star, Polygon etc)
* Spirograph

Having high quality editing software on a mobile device means that users are no longer chained to their computer, and don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive software. Amopic is inexpensive and lets them edit their photos on the go, and from any place in the world.

Giving a "Like" to amopic facebook fan page, you will have a chance to win a free trial.

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