Amoebas - new game, just gone live.


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Dec 17, 2008
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Hi folks

I'm happy to announce that our second game "Amoebas" is now live on the app store...

Its quite different from our first game Killer Pool, and a little cheaper at $0.99, but we hope it will be the most fun you can have with single celled organisms.

Amoebas is played by rotating the environment and amoebas, then firing them in any direction, matching clumps of similar amoebas to delete them and score. It is played in multiple directions, so you'll have to remember what you have put where. The aim is to score as much as possible before the auto-fire gets too quick for you!

The game features:
Addictive gameplay.
Play using accelerometer, swipe or tap.
Sticky and bouncy surfaces.
Fast responsive controls.
Accurate collision detection.
Great audio.
Play in multiple directions.
Device high score.
Global high score system.
Auto game saving.

Thanks and we hope you enjoy,