Am planning to get an iPhone 4s 32gb, does the 32 gb make the device slow?


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Am planning to get i phone 4s 32gb

32gb makes the device slow or what


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Sep 19, 2012
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Re: Am planning to get i phone 4s 32gb

Hi and welcome to iMore.

The 32Gb is the internal storage, not the speed of the device. I can say that the 4s will be very slow in comparison to the current iPhone 6, or even the previous 5s. Don't forget that the 4s is 3.5 years old (launched in late 2011) and Apple have moved on a lot since then,

The 4s is still a capable device but Apps have also moved on since then too, so you may find it very sluggish. I've been using a 4s recently whilst I waited for my iPhone 6 to be unlocked and I can say it was almost unbearably slow for me. Your mileage may vary, of course.


Oct 2, 2013
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Re: Am planning to get i phone 4s 32gb

if you do use the 4s, keep these tips in mind.
To help your 4s run as smooth as possible, try these suggestions.
1. Leave 20% or more of your internal storage space free. This helps to not constrain the system.
2. Get rid of unnecessary features. Yeah, some are cool, but they will bog down an older model phone.
3. Disable transparency effects. Toggle on "Increase Transparency" in Accessibility.
4. Toggle off "Background App Refresh".
Good luck.

Sent from my ancient but trustworthy iPhone 5. ☮


Mar 3, 2015
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Re: Am planning to get i phone 4s 32gb

The 32Gb have nothing to do with the speed of your iPhone 4s (As highrisedrifter said).

I would also recommend of buying something newer, like an iPhone 5 or 5s. Games and Apps will most likely not play well (comparing it with the latest iPhone models), and you might experience a few lags when your internal space will start to fill over 70%-75%. I was using it for many years, but I play only "stupid" games, which do not have a lot of requirements.

If you only want to use basic apps and you want to spend as less money as possible, then iPhone 4s will be a decent purchase. Before buying it though, you must be sure to check if that iPhone is locked or blacklisted. You do not want to spend extra $60-$70 to unlock it (There is a chance not to be able to use it at all!). Hope that helped you a bit!


Oct 24, 2014
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Re: Am planning to get i phone 4s 32gb

I purchased a 4s 32g from Groupon about 4 months ago. For me it has worked flawlessly on Page Plus. I wanted to see if I liked iOS, and a non contract provider (also needed 3g at the time for Page Plus) Once I learned which features I needed to shut down to increase battery life, it has worked fine. I don't have any games on it, as that might be an issue. For someone who doesn't want to tie up a lot of money to experience an iPhone all the i features work great, like imessaging.


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Oct 29, 2013
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Re: Am planning to get i phone 4s 32gb

I've just acquired a 4s from a friend who upgraded. Settings tells me I have 50gb of capacity left. This phone has all the speed I need, and as I do not play games is more than sufficient in capability.
A question for the speed freaks,what are you going to do with all these milliseconds you pay so much for ? I suspect you'll spend them worrying about saving some more !

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