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Am I the only Apple user who liked iTunes Radio? What the best equivalent?


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Jun 10, 2008
Am I the only Apple user who liked iTunes Radio? I had may favorite groups and genres configured. Using AppleTV I listened all day for free. I'm not someone afraid of change and I embrace new technologies, but my initial impression is that I've lost (not lost on AppleTV yet, but on other devices) an excellent free service. I doubt I will pay $10/mo after the free trial.
I liked the ability to set up my preferred channels. Has may one found an equivalent workaround or am I now the curmudgeonly dinosaur of Apple music listeners?


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Oct 15, 2012
I m is iTunes Radio - best equivalent?

Try Slacker radio app. As it is right now, from what I can see, the ability to customize stations like in iTunes Radio is gone. I can't edit an artist station to add more artists to it.