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May 22, 2020
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Hi Forum,

Not enouth memory to install update on IOS.

I have a 2-year-old IPhone X 256gb. It's full - it has 24.000 pictures and valuable work on it - a lot of notes etc. I was stupid and ignored Icloud ran out of space as I am not a big fan of that part of Apple. I have a 50gb plan and it ran out so I didn't pay for the 200gb.. I have the latest backup Sept 5. 2019 - but the backup says it only a 33gb file -so it seems not to have my pictures... so I don´t know that´s in that backup.

I talked to Apple support and they tried to help getting my phone updated and the phone was ON but slow working. Through their guidance, the phone went down to black and Apple logo going ON/OFF. Now I only have the apple logo going ON/OFF. We tried to reboot and update via my MacBook and cable. won't work. The phone just go back to Aplle logo ON/OFF after the support cable mode.. We also tried to delete my antivirus software Mcafee - as we mac software said a 1671 error/fail code.

The conclusion from Apple support was that I need to reinstall the phone and loose all my data.... eventhough it was ON when we started! Apple should ofcourse before doing a reinstall guided me to a backup via Icloud. but we/I didn´t.
Reinstall is last solution!!

Any ideas are very appreciated... maybe youtube link to alternative software update etc. - and Any suggestions what is possible...? alternative reboot and softwareb update - maybe via Microsoft computer and Itunes etc..Apple said its not possible -I dont give up untill a second opinion says the same.. Can I buy a updated Iphone X (same model) and a specialist can take a some parts from my phone and get it run on an other phone etc...whatever

All my best Fredrik / Denmark


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Jan 8, 2012
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The items that are in iCloud (calendar, reminder, notes, contacts, etc., should still be there in the cloud. Most of your images, videos should be there, too, so if you were to wipe the device, those items should sync back to your iPhone after you’ve signed in to your iCloud account.

With that being said, login to your is cloud account via your MacBook to see how much of your photos, videos and notes are present. Afterwards, download the photos and videos onto your MacBook’s hard drive, if you have the space. When you’re done, delete the photos and videos from iCloud so that they won’t sync back to your iPhone and gobble up all of its storage space which has you in your current dilemma.

If you are indeed over your limit, you will indeed lose the excess, if they aren’t already lost due to corruption.
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Mar 2, 2016
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One thought about the photos- before you do anything, what about installing the Google Photos App and uploading all of your photos? It’s free and all you need is a Gmail account. One the photos are on Google Photos, then proceed as planned.

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