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Jul 4, 2009
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Is there any alternative to tonefx? id like to explore different options before i send any money to them for their product

I have searched high and low for software that does this as my calendar alarm tone drove me BONKERS as I couldn't hear it - I jailbroke my phone so I could add my own tone but I couldn't get a tone that was really small in size and the bigger sized tones just don't work - THIS software Tonefx did it for me easily - I also changed a few other tones without issue and easily - your phone has to be jailbroken to get the software off cydia but hey I had done it anyway - I tried it out and then sent them a donation there and then I was so happy with what it does I should add when I installed it, it crashed my phone - I just pressed the power button and the menu button and reset the phone and all is good so if that happens just do that. Im in love with this software - can you tell LOL here is a great site with instructions on how to get tonefx on your phone and it also reviews the application .. hmm Im under 10 posts so cant post the link - google tonefx review and click on the one that is by iphoneincanada its about 5 links down on the google search results screen.


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Jun 29, 2009
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the only thing is that its not 3.0 friendly but you can get around it. i just lost the instructions. but i too found it to be well worth it!

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