All the Apple Watch apps you'll want to have!

Nov 15, 2013
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The Apple Watch is going to ship with a ton of apps, including the ones already announced, and the many more that are being finished right now.

Apple reportedly worked with a hundred or so developers to help make sure some of the best and most popular apps would be ready and polished for the Apple Watch's launch. They run the gamut from news and information services to sport and leisure activities to education and entertainment to social networking and communication to, well, pretty much every category the App Store offers.
You'll be able to get them on your Apple Watch by downloading them to your iPhone first. In some cases that'll mean updates to the existing apps you already have, in others it'll mean all new apps to love!

It's still early, and we won't know for sure how well they work, and which will be the all-stars, until we get them on our wrists, but here are the ones we're looking forward to the most!

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