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Dec 10, 2008
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Ive been looking for best downloader for files via webdav and also a app that can send them to my mac if needed. I also want to do this on a non-jailbreaked phone.

I have mobileme, but i also have a private webdav server with over 200gb and hourly backups so i rather use that one.

I have tried:[I cant put links in messages yet, so i'm removing the h in http]

readdledocs (ttp://

Air Sharing (ttp://

Discover (ttp://

Air sharing is a really nice interface but all it does is allow you access your iphone on your computer, it cant access web webdav servers.

Readdledocs is the all in one, you can use it to access your iphone on your computer, access your mobileme idisk, any webdav server but its not as nice as looking as air sharing and it costs twice as much.

Discover is free and allows you to access your iphone on your computer but it has ads and still some annoying popups.

Also Discover allows you to see the phones pictures and camera pictures, the other two apps don't. I am guessing they only store data in a spot that is elusive to them.

So my main question is are apps only allowed to store data they download in a space only they can access and cant share data? like could i use readdledocs to download the file and air sharing to send it to my mac if wanted.

I have been eying istorage (ttp:// because it looks like it can view all the files in the iphone and also it access and webdev server plus ftp servers.

The reviews say it crashes though, but i cant tell if they have fixed that or not, (darn the no date in reviews on itunes)

So can i get some feedback from people that have tested more of these apps than me or maybe you got a trick i havnt found.


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Dec 3, 2008
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I tried iStorage and no, it does not crash anymore (or it rarely crashes).

I use Briefcase because its the only one that uses SSH. I emailed the developer about adding Discover like functionality where the App can still be used with non-SSH enabled/setup PCs/Macs. He said he added that request to his list.

Once he implements that feature in Briefcase, I will remove Discover. Briefcase game me the best experience and I tried: DataCase, Ait Sharing, Discover, iStorage, Files, FTP On The Go, and I think couple more.

Enabling SSH on Macs is extremely easy. For PCs, installing FreeSSHd is a breeze as well.

Just wanted to share my experience; sorry for the rant.

Btw, I do not use WebDAV, and I replaced my FTP server with SSH server. That is why Briefcase makes much more sense for me to use it.

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