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All iBooks and Pages disappeared


New member
Dec 3, 2013
I’m not sure when this Happened, so I’ll give you the recent history in case anybody can figure out when it actually might’ve happened.

Please, this is not as it might appear to be a long winded post that might get ignored as such. I gave a lot of info but it’s important to hear the timeline in order to help me figure out what I did

A few days ago I returned my personal 7+ to AT&T. Before doing so, I signed out of iCloud on that 7p and got a message saying something about something being removed from my phone or iCloud; I don’t remember. But I proceeded anyway. I then erased the phone.

I restored from backup a new iPhone X from the last 7+ back up I made of the phone I returned to att. I have not looked at my iBooks and Pages apps since then. That was about three weeks ago.

Yesterday I restored from backup a different spare 7+ to the most recent iPhone X encrypted back up.

Afterwards, I took the Sim card from a 6+ I was currently using as a second phone, and put it in the spare 7+ I just backed up to the iPhone X library, and the phone works fine.

On my iPhone X my iBooks and Pages documents are gone. In iCloud, books was not checked but Pages was.

On that iPhone 6, all the iBooks documents are there, and presumably went to my 7+ which replace that phone, but when I erased my 7+ a few days ago do you think that removed the iBooks and Pages documents from iCloud and that’s why they disappeared from my iPhone X or the 7p I restored from my X?

All my documents in iBooks I think probably dating back to an iPhone four, and restoring every subsequently new model from back up, the documents have always been there. This is the first time they disappeared, and it’s also the first time I got rid of a previous phone and signed out of iCloud so I guess that must be it one way or the other but do others agree?
Any way to retrieve them?

I mean if I did an encrypted backup of the 7+ I returned and restored the 10 from that, even if I had documents in iCloud, shouldn’t all the pages and iBooks be on the phone as well just like the Notes app?

Smh. This is terrible.


Mar 2, 2016
I’m sorry you’re having these issues. Did you do a back up before you erased your 7+?