AirTag stalking is so bad someone made a scanner to detect them


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Aug 27, 2021
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Not only that but didn’t Apple already implement a feature to let you know there has been an AirTag in your vicinity for an extended period of time?
Making such a ‘scanner’ redundant?

What you say makes perfect sense. Unfortunately clickbait media sense is needed here :).
Here is what I think the article is about:

Airtag radio broadcasts —> Apple phone app radio broadcasts to check if an airtag radio broadcast is nearby —> but! new scanner radio broadcasts to check for Apple phone app radio broadcasts that is checking for AirTag radio broadcasts. The evil out there can now check the checker!
But I have a solution: a second Apple app radio broadcasts to check for scanner radio broadcasts that etc etc. it is only this second Apple phone app that can save us from AirTags!

Airtags have revealed a level of media stupid that hasn’t been seen since…well actually it is pretty common. Never mind:).