Aftermarket internal battery thoughts?


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Feb 20, 2010
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:DHello all,:D

I use an iphone 3GS 16 GB, and absolutely love it. The only significant issue that I have is regarding the battery life (and I have never used a full touch screen smartphone where this was not not a concern; have used the Storm, several WM phones and the Palm Pre). One of the few things that I miss about the other phones I've used is the ability to keep a spare internal battery charged and ready (and I do have a mophie juice pak air which does help).

I know that at some point, my internal battery will wear down, necessitating a replacement. If my warranty period is past (or close to being) I was going to attempt the switch myself.

I've found websites selling internal 3GS batteries of 1600 mah (vs 1219 mah of the stock battery). Has anyone used a non OEM internal battery with their phone, specifically one that offers a higher than stock mah rating? Did you encounter any issues (heat, inaccurate charge reporting or anything else?) Lastly, if anyone has done this successfully, what specific make and model of battery did you use?

I do realize fully that to use a non OEM battery of different mah rating could ultimately fry a phone. Is something that I'm considering down the road; just wondering if anyone has been crazy-brave enought to try it. :)

Thanks so much for reading,