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After restoring my iPhone 6s with iTunes, it shows my iPhone is linked to an Apple ID that is different?

wireless caller

New member
Jun 12, 2016
After restoring iphone 6s with itunes it shows iphone linked to apple id that is different

Someone gave me iphone 6s and properly logged out of her icloud and turned off find my iphone. Iphone still was locked with password which she provided. Instead of of erasing the iphone from settings i connected to itunes and restored. After i restore, iphone said it is linked to apple id WHICH is not the same APPLE ID she used! WHAT? SHE logged out AND TURNED OFF FIND MY IPHONE before restore. BUT IPHONE SHOWING IT IS LINKED TO WRONG APPLE ID, YES, IT IS CRAZY! I restored few times again, itunes gave error code couple of times, but could not fix the problem and could not find any solution. What could have gone wrong? She called apple they said her apple id is the only one used with this iphone, she is the only owner, no one else ever used it with different apple id. How it is possible?