Advantages of iOS Over Android (if any!)


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Jun 10, 2011
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I’ve had dozens of Android phones over the years. My last one was a S7 that got me written up at work for that LOVELY bug Samsung had where the alarm would be set but not go off. That was the day I went back to Apple full time.

I saw after that it was still happening to people on the S8. And then there’s the awesome LG hardware bug of random boot loops going back to the G3.

So while base Android may not be buggy at all, the skins and customizations added to it sure as hell are in my personal experiences over, and over again. I realized the one manufacturer that never stranded me with a bricked phone or some other weird glitch was Apple, so I went back to it and don’t intend to leave anytime soon. The X has been the most solid phone I’ve owned, ever, better than my Curve even. Yes even better than my 4S heh. I’ve held onto it for 2 years which I haven’t done with a phone since 2009. But I’m thinking it’s time for some midnight green in my life...


Mar 27, 2015
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There have been so many posts on this subject or which OS is better and I have asked many of my fiends, family and clients and it’s a personal choice thing.

For myself, it’s IOS because of its simplicity, stability and it just works. On the other side, if Blackberry would have continued and refined OS10, it might have been very different.

Chuck Finley69

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Mar 20, 2017
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I’m posting here that iOS solves the questions of life, eternal happiness and peace on earth. Android is the antithesis of all this. Of course I will post the opposite when I go to Android Central and CrackBerry on Android hardware....


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May 8, 2018
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You are specially asking for ADVANTAGES of iOS over Android.

But first of all:
I don't wanna say that Android is bad in any way - it's a good OS and deserves it's success.
All I can say are my personal pros from iOS over Android.

Here we go:
1.) Privacy. -every Google product (doesn't matter how great it is) is made to generate money from user data.
2.) Software support. -iPhones/iPads get support up to you 5years. Android around 18 months.
3.) Security updates. -iPhones always get their patches directly pushed from Apple, for Android it depends (if they get some) on the hardware maker.
4.) Power management. -iOS is way more energy efficient than Android.
5.) Quality software integration. For OS itself and 3rd party apps.
6.) Way less fragmentation over time.
7.) iOS backup/restore options in combination with iTunes.
8.) Hardware is from ground up designed for iOS. -which makes iPhones that efficient and fast.
9.) Apple has a stricter quality control over apps and their developers.
10.) How seamlessly it works with other Apple products.

So, these were my PERSONAL points why I use iOS over Android.
As I mentioned, also Android has it's advantages over iOS - but that wasn't the question here.


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Jul 1, 2014
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I’m a self admitted hopeless tech ignoramus. Beyond my toaster and my vaping pen, I need IT support to turn on the radio. IOS does work better for me, it chews up and digests just about anything for me. On Android, I had become afraid to look at my screen, things were changing and getting stuck, apps were turning themselves on and off beyond my knowledge or control, it was atrocious.
Now people here have heard me whine and complain about Apple enough times, but still, given the choice, I’d stick with IOS.

However I believe that IOS serves urban areas much better than rural. Right now I’m stocked, I have decent WiFi for 2 hours so I’m scrambling to back up and update as fast as I can (it’s slow, lol) because when properly backed up and updated, my IOS devices are awesome.
But most of the time, I’m in the backcountry with no WiFi and when Apple decides to be a controlling freak and starts messing with my devices because I don’t back up or update to their liking, I’m ready to throw everything in the trash and go back to soup cans and strings, seriously.

So are Apple and IOS perfect for everyone? Far from it.
But Android has lost me for good several years ago, I’m afraid.

It’s like being stuck between a brick and wet sponge.
Mar 22, 2019
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Well, indeed iOS has many advantages than Android OS. You know when you first use Android and then you switch it to iOS you'll see the difference. iOS really smooth than Android. But it does have some disadvantages like high-security control.


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May 20, 2019
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Well, indeed iOS has many advantages than Android OS. You know when you first use Android and then you switch it to iOS you'll see the difference. iOS really smooth than Android. But it does have some disadvantages like high-security control.

Having used both, each of them have their advantages. But as someone initially said, this looks like a topic trying to start a flame war.


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Nov 7, 2012
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I prefer the flexibility Apple offers with its ecosystem.

Using more than one phone use to be a very singular experience, with each phone or device isolated from one and other. With iOS having multiple iPhones, iPads, and even macs offer a very conjoint experience for the user.

iCloud cut and paste is probably my favorite iOS feature with Continuity and handoff not far behind.

Also worth mentioning iMessage and FaceTime audio. Great iOS features that I use all the time.

I would have included “sign in with apple ”but havent had a chance to try it out yet.

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