Add restricted access to iOs app?


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May 27, 2017
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Hi guys,

I cannot find this answer anywhere on internet. I tried calling to Apple without any answer. Some help would be very appreciated!

I sent an iOs App to Apple Store, the "Review team" sent me an e-mail with a lot of questions, most of all regarding if my app holds restricted informations, is for all public or restricted public and so on.

I'm afraid of be misunderstood. In fact the app first screen is a login page and all content depends on the login.

I'm working right now at a Economics Consulting Group, we have customers and we want to make an App for our customers only. So, here is what I have:

- An free App that must be used only for our customers.
- We don't sell the contents presented on our App, these contents are a result of a consulting work as reports and consulting files.
- We don't want a B2B plan because we have our control panel (3000 users) and we don't sell these contents

So Apple may believe that we make "outside sell" and it's not true.

1) The question number 1 is: Can I do that? Can I have an App that may be used only for our customers even if available free for everyone?

Well, if it's not possible I'm thinking about a public content for all users and a login page as a secondary screen. This point me on two scenarios, maybe one is a valid option?

Scenario 1
My first screen has financial information for free. You don't need to register.
At this first screen we plain to put a link to the login screen. This login may not be accessed for all users, only our customers.

Scenario 2
My first screen has a login page and everyone has to login.
If the login is identified as a customer login, we show customer information else we show financial information.

2) The question number 2, if question 1 is negative, which scenario would be acceptable?

3) Question number 3, if all options are negative. What should I do?

Thank you!

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