About to sync 4th iPhone with old backup...Help!


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Aug 27, 2011
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This may be more of an iTunes issue, but I need help!

Background: I have officially synced 3 iPhones to my iTunes to date and am about to sync a 4th. It all started with my original 3GS getting stolen. I got a temporary replacement 3G. It was quirky and giving iTunes errors, so I went to the Apple Store who confirmed water damage and gave me a new 3G. I synced the 3G as a new phone due to the iOS limitations of the 3G vs the 3GS. I am about to get another (used) 3GS so that I can get back to where I started (until I'm up for renewal of contract!). To sync the "new" 3GS, I would like to set it up using the backup from my stolen 3GS, but would also like to keep things I've added to the temporary 3G. I think I can sync the backup ok (by selecting drop down of that phone in restore), but have questions before I sync:

1. I got some new apps on the new 3G that I'd like to keep. As long as I've transferred my purchases, I can get these on the "new" 3GS, right? Would I do this separately from (after) the sync to 3GS backup?

2. I had miraculously synced my stolen 3GS a week prior to the theft. So, will I get back the original phone pix I had when I synced before the theft? I ask because I can't seem to find that set of pictures on my computer and am very upset about losing them. Since I can't find them, is there a specific place I should be looking on my computer?

3. Will I get my old text messages back with this backup?

4. Can I get my new pics and texts now on the new (3G) phone to the 3GS, too? If so, how? I'd prefer not to lose these pics and messages.

I'm sitting here waiting to get help, since I refuse to pay $30 for Apple phone support help. Thanks for any answers you can give! :confused:
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Aug 16, 2010
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1) Yes you are right or you can download them for free on the device
2) Yes you will get them back. There is a tool you can use to extract them from the Backup file but I cannot remember what it is called.
3) Yes
4) Yes you can but its a long process. Pics is easy, emails them to yourself! Text will be harder, best thing I can think of is to get them resent, if that isn't possible there is a tool called iPhone Backup Extractor on a website called Reincubate.com (Google it)

Hope that helps