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About iPhone 7 in the stores


iMore Question

Hey guys.

First of all, i apologize for my english.

Ok... I'm from Brazil , and I'm on vacation in miami until 30th

I missed the iPhone7's preorder (i want JetBlack Plus 256GB)

I will not try to buy in stores on launch day, I have lived this experience with iPhone 6 and it was not very nice.

Until September 30 , you think the model that I want will be sold in stores?

Until September 30 , the site will not return to normal with the delivery time or have that option 'pickup' ?

Thank you! ;)

Rob Phillips

iPhone X & Apple TV Champion, Moderator
May 1, 2012
Welcome to iMore! It's possible you may find the model you're looking for in a store but you'll have to watch inventory pretty closely, especially for the jet black. Preorders are stretching out into November at this point but Apple Stores get regular shipments.


Well-known member
Sep 13, 2015
I think the jet black will be hard to get for a few months, just like it happened last year with the Rose gold color. That doesn't mean you may have luck and find one available before the 30th. You'll just have to be persistently going to the store to see if any new batches have come in. Best of luck.


Well-known member
Sep 11, 2009
I think that the only way your going to get what your looking for it to get up really early Friday morning and go stand in line to get your iPhone 7