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Aaxatech P1 mobile pico projector review


New member
Aug 18, 2009
Since someone was asking for a review on this on another tread, I figured I'd start one here.

After endless comparisons between couple of units it came down to 1 thing, LCoS vs DLP. Yeah, arguably DLP could possibly be brighter, but the "mesh effect" of DLP just totally turned me off from it.

For starters, the P1 boasts a list of features like 12lumens, one of the highest in the industry as well as 640x480 which is highest as well. While 12lumens doesn't sound like much, the P1 is priced lower than its competitors while being up to 3lumens brighter than its competitors.

Ordering my P1 from aaxatech.com was quick and painless. The order went through and my order came within a few short days. The order was for a P1 and VGA convertor kit. The instruction manual is somewhat minimalistic, but enough to get you to know what you're doing.

The VGA convertor kit is interesting because along w/ VGA input, there was also various output options like S-Video and standard video out so I'm not limited to using this converter w/ my P1 only It's powered via USB.

So the first thing I wanted to try out was to see how good this would be for business presentations so loaded up some powerpoint files into the onboard memory. There was some ambient lighting so the image was pretty weak at first, but after playing around for a bit, I got it just right, check the pictures below.

It looks like I need to have the lights in the room dimmed quite a bit though because I was caught between 2 things. I was able to get a closer/brighter image at the cost of a smaller one, and vice versa. But either way, it would be bigger than a laptop screen

Now that the work portion is done, time for the fun and games. I hooked it up to my Wii~! I'd put up more pictures, but this was the best one out of my POS digicam. Check picture 2.

Last but not least, I was pretty impressed w/ the image quality that I decided to play a movie off my laptop to see how that went and this is what I got. See picture 3.

Now I know some of you may be home projector buffs and comment that the black isn't black enough or that there are better projectors out there which I agree with, but I just thought this was a nice bonus, you know, try to get the most mileage out of this.

All in all, I think the value in this unit is in its versatility. There's always going to be something more specialized for something, ie MP3 player for MP3s, but for its price, it's like getting 3 devices in one. I hope this review has helped some make a more informed choice in their purchase of a pico mobile projector.