A way to get Verizon with T-mobile iPhone 6 Plus

Jesus Pantaleon

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Feb 19, 2014
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So as some people have noticed. I've been asking questions of getting Verizon service. I know it's ezpensive but their service and building penetration for radio signal are the best for where I work. Does any one have a good idea to get a prepaid plan with a T-Mobile iPhone 6 Plus? I actually went to Verizon store and they couldn't do it even when a Verizon rep put his SIM card in my phone and it was working full bars.


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Oct 22, 2010
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Find someone that will trade you your device for one Apple made for Verizon...because that is the only way you're gonna get Verizon service.


Sep 7, 2010
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There are a few issues that I understand when trying to do this (from reading about it online since the release of the device)...

1.) The IMEI is not recognized from Verizon since it is not registered with their network, so essentially, they won't help you do anything related to the device since it is not officially "their own".

2.) The MEID is not registered with Verizon, so while LTE will work across the spectrum (except Sprint), CDMA will not unless the phone is officially registered.

3.) The SIM used must be a SIM that is FROM another registered iPhone (5S or newer nano-SIM) and must be a registered account in good standing, otherwise it won't work at all. You can't take a nano-SIM from another device and use it from what I understand, it must be from an iPhone user.

...all that said, lots of people have made it work (most of them reporting a handful of issues from data problems to no visual voicemail and other little quirks)...honestly, I think I would just sell that model and BUY a verizon specific one and skip the whole ordeal.


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Oct 10, 2011
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To add to the good info that has been provided. Essentially you have the wrong unit.
Sprint and Verizon are CDMA based with LTE overlay.
ATT & TMO are GSM Based with LTE overlay.
So the good news is down the road it will be easier to swap phones with carriers. Especially when LTE is the only technology used.
BUT right now Verizon and Sprint units have the ESN registered (CDMA) with each company. When a unit is branded with Verizon and then sold to verizon the ESN is entered into their master list of approved devices.
So you could NOT bring a Sprint device to be used on Verizon as its not approved. It is the correct technology, CDMA but the ESN is not in their master list.
With ATT and TMO units its a bit easier to swap. You just need to unlock them. In most cases that is all it takes. The SIM card registers both the GSM and LTE side of the network. On CDMA devices the ESN registers on the CDMA side and the SIM card registers the LTE side. Hence why a Sprint / Verizon units might have the ESN and SIM card married to each other in the system.

So long story short, TMO will work on ATT but not on Verizon. at least now how we would want it to. The LTE MIGHT work and thats if you can get Verizon to accept the SIM card for LTE to work.

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