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Mar 12, 2013
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One of the problems about Apple maps was that there was lack of data of places. We could not find the correct place we wanted to go to. So Apple gave us the option of reporting bugs and in that put up solutions.. but this will take a lot of time. We report, then they check, then they release an update, too slow..
So i have come up with a new way to solve this and this will only take a couple of months. This is only my idea but its great.

The people of an area know most of the places, location and description. Apple employs people to fill up data in the maps but With my idea it's easier and faster..
What they should do is they should make the maps interactive!

Why not let users input the information in the maps itself and make it available to the rest of the world.

we know where the places are and what is its description, so it would be amazing to let millions of people to enter the data themselves and make it available to the rest of the world.

no one would upload a false data .. this will be exactly like wikipedia where users around the globe edit and upload new information

By doing this millions of users will input millions of places on the maps in just a couple of months!!!!

it's not impossibe.. Twitter,itunes, AppStore and other places where we upload comments and the whole world can see it, it will be just like that!!! And even Apple can keep uploading new information..

conusmers will upload every information.. the address, the name, the phone number , photograghs(if possible),... every thing!

this mapping system will be the best mapping sytem around the world and it will really be REVOLUTIONARY!

the users would be able to edit the data uploaded by others also in case of mistakes.. Apple could help us by allowing turn by turn directions..
Apple does not need an update for that, they just add it and its there!
Only major bugs need update..
I don't think my idea is wrong


When google maps were first released, the y released google maps API.. This helped them grow .. They took several years to be perfect
Apple could a similar thing.. Giving map API to developers and help add data for it., it would be better.
The current Mapkit by apple only allows apps using apple maps and not adding new data..
By giving API to developers then it would be good.

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Feb 2, 2012
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Sounds great but I don't see it ever happening. They will either build the data on their own, or go in with partners to add content. They already partner with Yelp, and they have talked with Foursquare and Waze for possible data integration in Maps. Expect to hear more on maps this year when the OS gets updated.

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Jan 24, 2010
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As long as they keep letting Google keep there maps app in the app store. They have time to make adjustments though. I'm sure when the next OS releases maps will be a ton better though.

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Jun 29, 2012
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In the real world, I use maps and navigation quite a bit, for my work. I have already seen a vast improvement in Apple Maps, both in street name and number accuracy and in POI listings. But I agree, it would be nice to "suggest" POI data, which could then be verified by a team at Apple or could be verified by users.