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Dec 18, 2014
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We are MAROBI Entertainment, a small independent games developer start-up from Montreal Canada. We have just launched our first title for IOS : A-Maze-In, a puzzle/adventure game in the likes of PacMan. So far the game has received a very warm welcome with an average of 5 stars and 9/10 average from review sites and we are hoping iMore users will give it a try and provide us feedbacks! There's something you don't like or you would like to see added to the game? Let us know!

Embark on a quest as Mino, a teen minotaur who attempts to rescue his true love, Mina, from her captor?facing Cyclops, Hydras, Harpies, and Centaurs through 5 unique islands and more than 110 mazes. Help Mino defeat five challenging bosses such as the terrifying Medusa, Cerberus the Hellhound, and even the Kraken itself!

Making use of Mino?s many Minotaur abilities?including special skills such as ?Fire Belch? (a deadly burp that turns enemies into ash) and ?Force of Nature? (fart to stun enemies!)?is one way to stay in one piece. Another strategy is to avoid the game?s many deadly traps?such as floor spikes, giant boulders, crumbling floors, and flame throwers. Navigate the maze and locate the key (or keys!) that unlock the exit to proceed on your journey :)

Key Features
● 110+ unique mazes to explore
● 5 distinct themes?from Medusa?s underground lair to the Kraken?s watery tomb
● 40 + achievements
● 11 different enemies: Harpies, Greek warriors, three-headed Hydras, and the inimitable Cyclops
● Great cartoon-style visuals and fun effects: Stun enemies by breaking wind or destroy them by belching fire!
● Dangerous traps to avoid such as flamethrowers, crumbling floors, saw traps and giant boulders
● Find and use magic portals; collect potions to power up Mino?s special abilities; locate keys to open up new areas; and eat the bones of the dead to gain hearts and improve your score

A-Maze-In is free to download and play.
In-app purchases are optional

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