A few Music and iCloud Music Library questions ..can I get some help please?


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A few Music and iCloud Music Library questions ...

We have 5 iPhones in our house. We have all been sharing a single iTunes account for years. We all like different music and it works for us by simply only downloading the songs we want to each of our phones. I have never enabled any iCloud Family Sharing.

Yesterday we grabbed iOS 8.4 and I started playing with the new Music app. The kids want to use it as well, at least for the three months if not more.

So I logged in with our shared iTunes credentials (technically, my wife's). My son downloaded 8.4 and connected a little later and started making playlists. A few questions I'm not clear on I was hoping someone could help me with ...

1. I see that in order to enable playlists, it looks like I need to enable iCloud Music Library.
1a. Is that the same thing as iCloud Family Sharing? If now, how are they different?

2. As things stand now, with our shared iTunes credentials, will we all be sharing the same settings? That is, if I create a playlist, will my son have it as well? When I chose my music preferences at the beginning, do those also apply to him?

3. Any downsides or concerns with enabling iCloud Music Library?
3a. Does it use additional cellular data to move songs around? Or it it smart enough to only do this when I'm in WiFi?

4. Any downsides to enabling iCloud Family Sharing for us? We all of course have our own Apple IDs that we use for backup and iMessage.

Thanks very much in advance,

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