5th gen iPod Touch screen crashing/ghosting within a week after jailbreak

lyl photography

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Feb 21, 2013
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So I jailbroke my 5th gen iPod Touch; everything went just fine. But the other day when I was just looking through photos, my screen froze and started doing this ghosting effect. And it's been doing the same thing since.

I've tried restoring the iPod to vanilla iOS 6.1, and it still glitches out. My question is: did the jailbreak cause this :confused:? Or is it merely coincidence? I never ran any extreme tweaks. The only things I was running were NCSettings, Winterboard theme and locksreen themes, and Auxo. The power, home, volume buttons, and Siri all still work, just anything involving the touch screen won't work.

Thoughts? I'm really hoping that the jailbreak didn't cause this. I want to jailbreak it again as soon as it's fixed haha.


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Jun 1, 2011
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Jb didn't do that just restore it and take to apple they will give you a new one .. Seems like a bad screen

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