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5c lifespan


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Oct 14, 2014
Is it really true that the 5s is a lot more future proof than the 5c thanks to the 64 bit?
I bought the 5c yesterday, and now im thinking about taking it back to Apple and get the 5s because i plan to keep my phone for a while.

I have read that the lifespan of the 5c is going to be a lot shorter than the 5s. Is this really true? :straight-face::(

The loss of performance is not the biggest loss in the chip architecture. Apple is moving towards a 64-bit architecture in iOS. Today the vast majority of apps are 32-bit apps, and these run in compatibility mode on the iPhone 5s. As more developers move to 64-bit coding, the iPhone 5c could lose compatibility with many leading applications.


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Jan 10, 2013
Welcome to iMore Avital. I would say yes the 5s is more "future proof" than the 5c.