3GS "copy to disk (iphone name) failed" error


Jul 2, 2009
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I'll apologize up front for this being long and I did search several different ways and found no threads about this.
Yesterday I connected my 3GS to itunes for the first since November, just to add the new Hendrix CD. I did the software update which put my phone into restore mode. I then tried to recover with the backup I made when first connecting and received an error that an unnamed playlist was not transferred because the backup restore failed. I tried with previous back ups I had (back in November) and got similar errors. I restored on a different computer but didn't have any backups there, put it back to where I did and same errors. Often it would enter the cycle where I would go through the restore process just to have it tell me it needed to be restored when it finished. A few hours into this after reading all the tech stuff on the apple site I did all the windows updates my PC needed. After that I was able to get through a backup restore, partially. It only synched a little more than half my music @ 12 gb and then just stopped.
What really concerns me is during a couple attempts I go an error "Attempting to copy to the disk (iphone name) failed. An unknown error occured (-69)." I was able to sych the rest of my music successfully by selecting it and everything showed up from the backup except for a few apps.

These errors and the partial music backup has me concerned I may have a hardware (disk) issue. Any ideas on how to confirm this?

Also, is there a way for me to put a backup on my laptop without going through the update or restore process? Finally, can I back up my Itunes library to a drive some how (formal back up, not just files)? The only option I see wants to burn CDs for a back up.

Thanks for you time and patience. I did search but won't rule out this is a ID10T error on my part. I had been using my 3GS since May with no issues and had it where I wanted it. Turns out I should have just left it alone!