33 Tips to Make the Most of Your iPhone


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Jun 19, 2009
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There are some new uses of iPhone which are unknown among many users. Actually, users can do a lot of things with iPhone. Let the following 33 more tips make you wonder why iPhone can be one of the most popular piece of gadgets in the history. You can fulfill your wishes as many as you can imagine.
1. Create a home page
You can create a homepath on iPhone: Add your would-be home page to your bookmarks list, and then move it to the top of the list. It just requires an extra tap.

2. Tap the bottom corner to navigate home screens
When on your home screen, try tapping the bottom right/left corner to switch between pages instead of swiping your finger accross the screen.

3. Share any URL
If you want to send a friend the URL of a Web page you?re viewing, tap on the address bar, and then tap on Share. A new e-mail message containing the address will open in Mail. Just choose one or more recipients, add your comments, and tap on Send.

4. Make a call from Safari
If you find a phone number in Safari that you?d like to call, perhaps the phone number of a restaurant where you?d like to make a reservation, you needn?t jump to the phone component. Just tap on the number, and the iPhone will dial it for you.

5. Save Images in Safari
When you are browsing any web pages on Safari. You simply touch the image and hold your finger until a menu show up, select Save Image.The downloaded image is located under your Photo / Camera Roll.

6. Double tap a column on Safari to fit-to-page
When browsing the Internet on your iPhone?s Safari browser, double tap any column, word, or picture to fit it?s width to your iPhone?s screen. This is extremely useful for reading blogs.

7. Select Icon for Bookmarked Webpage
When you are browsing a web page on Safari and add its icon to your home screen by pressing the ?+? button and select ?Add to Home Screen?. The icon is a screenshot of the page you were on. You can have a different icon by zooming in a particular item on the page. It can be the website?s logo or any picture.

8. Investigate Links
In Safari, if you hold your fingertip down on a link instead of tapping, you?ll summon an information balloon that displays the underlying URL and the name of the link.

9. Go straight to the top
When viewing a long Web page, if you want to get back to the top or access Safari?s address field, you don?t have to scroll all the way up. Instead, just tap on the gray status bar at the top of the iPhone?s screen. You?ll be immediately transported to the top of the current Web page

10. Mark Read Messages as Unread
While viewing a message, tap on Details, which reveals a Mark as Unread option. Tap on it.

11. Save messages in Draft Folder
If you want to save a message you?re working on so you can come back to it later, tap on Cancel. Instead of deleting the message immediately, Mail pops up a dialog box with the options Save, Don?t Save or Cancel. Tap on Save, and the message will be placed in your Drafts folder.

12. Recover Lost e-mails
A temporary Outgoing folder is created to hold the message. You can access this folder from the main screen of the sending account. As a reminder, the folder will disappear once network access is available and the message is sent.

13. Create e-mail Folder
What you can do with an IMAP e-mail account is create folders on the IMAP server. If you have a .Mac account, using the .Mac Web-mail interface. Those folders will then appear on the iPhone, and their contents will eventually be synced between the iPhone and the server.

14. Play Music Tracks Faster or Slower
Just tap on the Settings button and then on the iPod option. Tap on the Audiobook Speed entry, and in the resulting screen, choose Slower, Normal or Faster. Its easy and its fun.

15. Broadcast Videos from iPhone
With Flixwagon, you can broadcast live video from your phone to the web, keep videos for later, stream to your blog, notify your friends and more. It?s a great app for all the mobile video lovers to stream and share.

16. Use iPhone as a File Storage Device
Ecamm Network?s iPhoneDrive, lets you view files on your iPhone in a Finder-like interface. You can copy files to and from your iPhone via drag and drop, some simple buttons, or the program?s File menu. It?s a paid product but for those who can?t make use of 8 GB or reluctant to watch videos from iPhone, they will surely have plenty of free space. A file storage gadget as iPhone is surely cool.

17. Use Favorites and Recents for SMSes
We all knew about the favorites and recents in call making and all, but you can use it for SMSes too. Just tap on the right angle bracket (&gt icon next to the contact name or number, and then tap on the Text Message button at the bottom of the contact and bingo!

18. Get Fast Driving Directions
One of the primary uses for the iPhone?s Maps application is to get driving directions. Both the starting and destination fields offer a Bookmarks icon, so you can quickly use a bookmark, a recent location or a contact when searching for directions. The first thing you should do in Maps is find your own address and bookmark it .This will make finding directions to and from locations much easier.

19. Get a Host of Feeds to Read from One
Leaflets lets you check feeds from Newsvine, del.icio.us, yahoo upcoming events, flickr, NY Times and much more. It also points you to a list of apps for the iphone that you may not have installed yet.

20. Use a Tweaking Software
Bossprefs app provides you with a settings replacement app. It adds a bunch of convenient fast toggle switches to its main screen such as toggle wifi, bluetooth etc. In addition, it allows you to add other services apps to its dock so you can launch them from within the app and remove them from your springboard (clean up the springboard). It also provides some other functions such as allowing you to hide any icon, set numeric battery, disable?s Apple?s killswitch. Has a pluggable interface so addons can be written by you.

21. Take Screenshots Anytime
You can take any screenshots at anytime easily on your iPhone. First of all, press and hold the ?Home? button and then click the ?Sleep? button once. The screen will flash white and the screenshot will be stored in your camera roll immediately.

22. Different Domain Suffix
Hold down the .com button, you can see a popup comes up with .net, .edu and .org buttons. Slide your finger from them and then release your finger to choose. Very useful for the internet surfers. It?s quick and easy too.

23. Inserting a Period
When you are typing on you iPhone, simply double tapping the Space Bar button at the end of a sentence, it will automatically insert a period followed by a space. It saves you a lot of time instead of pressing 124 to get the numbers and symbols page where the period located in.

24. Insert Punctuation Quickly
To enter any punctuations while using iPhone keyboard, you can press and hold the ?123″ button and slide your finger over to any punctuation button. And then the punctuation will be inserted after you have released the button.

25. Get a Bigger Keyboard
As with any other iPhone function requiring data entry, tapping on Safari?s address bar summons an on-screen keyboard. If you rotate the iPhone horizontally before tapping on the address bar, the Safari window will switch to horizontal mode. You get a larger keyboard so typing out data is not a problem with iPhone any more.

26. Dismiss Keyboard Suggested Word
To dismiss the keyboard suggested spelling of a word, you can tap on anywhere of the screen. You do not have to press ?x? button at the end of the word.

27. Alternate Characters
Hold down a letter on the keyboard, you can see popup comes up with various versions of the character.

28. Move dock icons
I wonder how many people overlook this feature. The 4 icons located on the grey bar at the bottom of your iPhone ? Phone, Mail, iPod, Safari ? are movable, just like the rest of the icons. Press and hold the icons, then drag them while they are shaking. Press the home button when you?re done. You can put any 4 icons on your dock.

29. Changing iPod Icons
By the default, the buttons at the bottom of the iPod scren are ?Playlists?, ?Artists?, ?Songs?, ?Videos?, and ?More?. You can change them by pressing the ?More? button, and then tap on the ?Edit? button in the upper left corner. A Configure screen will appear with icons for ?Albums?, ?Podcasts?, ?Audiobooks?, ?Genres?, ?Composers?, ?Compilations?, ?Playlists?, ?Artists?, ?Songs?, and ?Videos?. To substitute one of these icons for one that appears at the bottom of the iPod screen, just tap and hold on the icon you prefer and drag it over the icon you want to replace. Tap on Done when you?re finished.

30. Set Parental Controls
You can enable certain restrictions or parental controls on your iPhone. You can block explicit lyrics, Safari, YouTube, iTunes, or the App Store. Just go to Settings, General, Restrictions.

31. Domain Resolution
When typing a URL in Safari, you don?t have to type the ?www? or the ?.com?. For exmaple, you can type ?iPhoneToolbox? in the URL box in order to view ?iPhoneToolbox.com?.

32. Scrolling with Two Finger
Some web pages contains separate text boxes with their own scroll bars. If you are trying to move around in one, you can scroll it with two fingers instead of one. That will let you scroll just inside the box and not affect the position of the entire page.

33. Reset Your iPhone
Press and hold the ?Home? Button and the ?Sleep? Button to Reset your iPhone. A white light will flash, the screen will shut off and then turn back on. Please keep holding both buttons until the screen turns back on.
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Aug 8, 2009
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Some of the apps are for jailbreak only.
I agree this is a great list, but it would be nice if those requiring jailbreak were so noted. I was a little disappointed to see that bossprefs required jailbreaking, which I am not interested in doing at this point. (Maybe when it has a few more dings. :))


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Jun 17, 2008
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Another tip: Whenever you're typing an email address in a field, and if the period (.) is already on the keyboard without having to hit the 123 key, you can hold the period down to find:


Jack Green

Nov 2, 2009
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cool list, many new useful tips! You probably forgot about bookmarking podcasts and audiobooks. Pretty usable thing for me. I use SayAgain for that.



Nov 30, 2009
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When it has a few more dings? How about getting the functionality you pay for now and protection from abuse forever? Jail-breaking is for those who know what it is and demand unlimited function.


Jan 10, 2010
Another tip: Whenever you're typing an email address in a field, and if the period (.) is already on the keyboard without having to hit the 123 key, you can hold the period down to find:


Nice tip! I knew this could be done when entering URLs by pressing and holding the .com key, but not in email addresses!


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Dec 9, 2009
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2. Tap the bottom corner to navigate home screens
When on your home screen, try tapping the bottom right/left corner to switch between pages instead of swiping your finger accross the screen.

Thats the only one that did not work for me. Ive jb'd my iPhone, and use bosspref.

Great list!!!!!