2 of 3 problems solved


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Aug 1, 2008
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Three problems I do not like...

1. No picture text messaging. Its was SO easy on my razr. great to see the kiddos when not home, easily and quickly.

2. No video so therefore no video texting.

3. No voice recorder. I like to leave myself voice messages and email them to my email account. When I am on the road, its MUCH better than writing something down.

I, and these awesome forums, solved two of them today.. thought I would share..

I was about to return my Iphone today!

1. On my wifes's phone, I added my email address to my contact page in her address book.

When she wants to send a picture, she simply takes the pic, and texts it to my email address. She just has to scroll from my cell number to get to my email address. No biggie.

I have the iphone set up to receive my email with the click of the "mail" icon on the front page.. so, that works well

And, I can take a picture and email it to her phone email address MYWIFESNAME@pm.sprint.com (I had her sent me a text to my email address and discovered she had this email address for her phone!) and it goes to her phone as a text! Sending a text to 8178960177@messaging.sprintpcs.com and to 8178960177@teleflip.com did NOT send a text to her phone (not sure why) but sending it to the email address worked everytime.

So, we got picture text/email!

When I get MobileMe set up, the email to georgedean.com will be in real time to my iphone (along with my outlook calendar)!

Problem solved.

2. I have NOT tested receiving video from her. I can NOT send a video from my phone yet BUT I am sure an application will be available soon.

3 I bought a .99 application to record sound and it will also email it to my email address. I constantly leave myself voicemessages as a reminder to do something.

Woo Hoo

I think I will be keeping the iphone!

I hope it was ok to post this b/c my past thread got closed.



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Jun 17, 2008
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If you have a Yahoo email address, you can have push email without MobileMe.

If you don't have one, create one and have your mail from the other mail providers forwarded to the yahoo email. This is a cheap way to get push.

The video recording part may never comes from a 3rd party.


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Jun 28, 2008
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Just a tip... I LOVE Jott (a free!!! app) that is amazing for taking voice notes and Jott will TRANSCRIBE them for you. I would rather see my to-do list... but I would rather not take the time to type it. (Whatever... I'm lazy... deal with it :D ) Also, if you hit the play button you are still able to listen to your voice notes.
Just like any other to-do list it has options for you to check items off the list (they appear with a line through the items completed) or you have the option to delete them if you don't want to see them any more. Also, you can assign items as having a higher priority.

Have yet to email anything as I have no reason to have the notes on my computer and am unsure if you are able to email them at this time. Worth a download for the low low price of free.

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