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Jun 10, 2008
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From Agile Web Solutions, the maker of the Macintosh version of 1password, comes the iPhone version.

Now please let me preface this review with the fact that this REQUIRES a Macintosh to work, since you need to sync the iPhone version with the Mac version of the desktop software.

1Password is a password storage solution, which is backed behind multiple encryption algorithms and quite secure in my opinion. The iPhone version synchronizes your desktop database to your iPhone which is then secured behind a 4-digit PIN AND a password if necessary.

To begin you must be an owner of the 1Password software for Mac. its $34.95 for a single user license.

next, install the iPhone version via iTunes or the App Store.

upon completion of installation, it prompts you for a 4-digit pin & master password, set both.


after such. you need to setup the sync with your Mac.

pressing the iPhone icon brings up a dialog box which allows you to allow sync'ing with iPhones.


copying the supplied sync-number from the iPhone will allows the sync'ing to take place.

*Unfortunately many of the other screen shots included my user names at certain websites, which I do NOT feel comfortable sharing*

1Password then becomes a web-browser, when you select a pre-stored website with a stored user name / password - it then opens the browser (NOT mobile safari) and enters such data so you don't have to remember any passwords.

-This program does NOT directly work with safari for the iPhone, however it does use the same web-kit.
-It does not appear that it will store additional passwords, although additional entries from the Mac can by sync'd over.

Overall - this software deserves a 4/5 - Good way to keep your passwords sync'd, but I'm sure what I need to see in this software is what is not allowed by Apple. Remember, this also REQUIRES a Mac version of 1Password which can be found at https://agilewebsolutions.com/store