13 or 15 Mbpr for music production.

Matt Woodruff

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Jan 10, 2014
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Hey guys,

I am looking to buy a new Macbook retina for work. I will mainly be using it for making music tracks.
I am completely torn between the 13 and 15 models and was wondering if I could get some opinions?

Basically it's between the mid spec 13 (with a 16gb memory upgrade) and the base model 15 (again with the memory upgrade)

I am using tools like logic, ableton and omnisphere which hogs ram like mad so need the memory at 16gb. 8 would be okay but I want the breathing space as I will have this for years probably.

My concern is that the 13" May be hard to work on as it it quite small especially if I'm on the fly and don't have my monitor with me?

Also omnisphere say 2.3ghz minimum for the software. The base 15 is technically 2.0 but quad core and turbo boost to 3.2 whilst the 13" is dual core but quicker clock speed. Which would run more smoothly?

Is the 15" worth the extra cash as I will have to wait longer to buy some of the software I need if I get it over the 13"

What are the pros and cons for 13 and 15?

Would love to hear Your thoughts on which one would suit me best, it's driving me crazy! :/


Peter Cohen

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Apr 11, 2013
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I believe that both Ableton and Logic Pro support multithreading (in other words, they'll make use of more cores). Check with Omnisphere's developers to see what they have to say.

And get as much RAM as you can afford. 16GB at least.

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