12 Reasons Why iPhone Gamers ♥ Starbunker:Guardians2


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Jun 14, 2011
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i ♥ Exquisite gameplay on My iPhone!

i ♥ a Game with an Ultimate System, New Screens and Characters of best Quality!

i ♥ Download an Afforable Game! - I don’t think a great game should cost a lot of money, Starbunker 2 is only $0.99 to download.

i ♥ Play As a Hero! - In Starbunker2, I can play as a chosen Hero to rescue the human federation, leading my marines to regain the planet that has been taken by the aliens.

i ♥ Starcraft! - Starbunker2 is similar with Starcraft, it’s really a mobile solution for Starcraft fans.

i ♥ Play War Game! - In Starbunker2, I face the extraterrestrial army and live with a new mega power, vast universe, beautiful planet, intoxicating battlefield, and menacing aliens.

i ♥ a Tower Defense Game! - Starbunker2 is the most complete defense and real-time strategy game of Star-Wars series that is being played by the worldwide mobile gamers.

i ♥ Gaming Wise! - Starbunker2 has the original tech tree upgrade system that plays an important role in the game. The new game takes a technological step upward, with multiple game levels to select from. Choosing wisely will help you complete levels.

i ♥ Game Engagements! - With 36 well-designed battlefields, 10 different kinds of arms, 24 types of menacing aliens, and much creative design incorporated, Starbunker2 will absolutely engage you. And the addition of bunkers, highlands, valleys, and special terrain will add more enjoyment to the game. You will face the choice to increase the shooting range of your weapons or to be immune to aliens’ special abilities.

i ♥ Game Skills! - Adding 9 different skills, with stunning graphics and powerful special effects, Starbunker2 will help you defend your base. Managing the minute details of gameplay will eliminate the dull moments common in other TD games.

i ♥ Real-time Strategy! - Starbunker2 is a perfect real-time strategy game that will keep your attention and require you to make quick decisions!

i ♥ Social Networks! - Starbunker2 provides a large social media channels for game players to ask questions, discuss topics, share stories on facebook, twitter, youtube, flickr, pinterest, & blogger. It’s really a “social” game!
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