$0.99 SALE: Moonz - a new gravity-based party game for iPhone/iPod Touch


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Jul 6, 2009
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Hi everyone,

I'd like to tell you about ADXSoft's debut application - a gravity-based party game for iPhone/iPod Touch called "Moonz". The game features gorgeous 2D cartoon art suitable for the whole family, and has a variety of different gravity-based challenges for one or two players.

Moonz retails for USD$4.99, however we are having a special launch sale of USD$0.99 until the 19th July.

We have four unique locations to unlock, and a tonne of objects that are guaranteed to get laughs, including rockets, wormholes, dynamite, UFOs, London buses and more. Scores are stored online for each game mode as well as locally, and the game can be exited/resumed at any time with no loss of progress. The game can be played with the inbuilt soundtrack, or the user can listen to their own music while playing.


- 1P Time Trial - Race against the clock throwing space junk into stable orbits. Hold them all without any crashes or interaction for 5 seconds to receive points & more space junk. Sounds easier than it is!
- 1P Sudden Death - As above, but a single crash ends the game. Intense stuff!
- 1P Bunny Defender - "Missle command" style gameplay, where you must clear the sky of incoming space junk to defend your planet (and your space bunnies)!
- 1P Sandbox - Free exploration + placement of planets, moons, wormholes and other fun interactive objects.
- 2P Capture The Flag - Classic flag-thieving gameplay with a new twist: gravity!
- 2P Tag - Launch as many of your own missiles into orbit as possible, while stealing enemy missiles by tapping them.
- 2P Shock & Awe - Create explosions on the enemy's side of the screen to score points.
- 2P Bunny Defender - Launch space junk at each other's planets.


YouTube: youtube.com/watch?v=gDXjeIT3428


iTunes App Store: itunes.com/app/Moonz
Website: adxsoft.com.au/games

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