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    I hate to air out Sprint's dirty laundry but they have been very incompetent as I have waited patiently this last month for them to close their account as per their return policies.

    On March 2nd 2015, I took advantage of best buy's one price one plan sprint line. I opened a line and picked out an Iphone 6 Gold 16gb.
    During march 2nd and March 3rd what I discovered was that Sprint's service is subpar, and very much unusable.

    On March 3rd I decided to cancel the account. Now I am not completely caught up on download/upload I don't care if I get 40mbps or 10 mbps. As long as my phone works interrupted, I am fine. It didn't work fine at all. Pandora, Internet browsing, youtube were unusable and often returned "touch to retry network yada yada"

    I cancelled the account at Best buy, which is what Sprint recommends (cancelling at point of activation).
    Best buy had some problems, but ultimately said it was cancelled after they phoned in. They recommended I call 2-3 days later to confirm with Sprint.

    On March 5th I called Sprint. They said the line had not been cancelled but would be happy to troubleshoot the service. I had to explain I did not have service anymore as I made cancellation. CSR Lady said they'd start an investigation and I'd be called within 4 business days.
    I was not very impressed with Sprint's CSR, figured I'd go to best buy to confirm. Best buy once again did the cancellation, and called in the middleman company. They confirmed 100% the line was cancelled, and Sprint should have received notice immediately.
    Again they recommended I call 2-3 days later. If anything happened however best buy would take care of it. Not sure what that means.
    Since March 5th my phone line and phone disappeared from My sprint account. I figured it had been cancelled properly so I did not call 2-3 days later.
    I called March 10th'ish because I received an email saying I needed to pay for monthly service. They said the account had not been closed but was removed from my account? I don't think the CSR knew what I was talking about.
    I had to explain the situation to two different CSR agents. The last person I spoke with said by April, an investigation would be opened. I explained an investigation should have been opened march 3rd. No such thing they said, the investigation opened march 3rd was scheduled for beginning of April.
    Also I was told I could be charged for cancelling the lease early. When I explained again I had cancelled within the return period she would ignore me or pretended to not know.

    April 7th I received an email saying I owed $558.29 for cancelled lease line. I called in they gave me the run around and put me on hold for 30 minutes. The CSR rep looked at the notes and also said the $558 was an outrageous bill, and that I should NOT be paying for the cancellation since I had cancelled 1 day into service. Apparently they had an investigation that opened April 3rd because someone else called in regarding the cancellation. They refused to tell me who. In any case they claim 5 business days for investigation to close, but nothing yet.
    I asked to speak with a supervisor or someone who could resolve the problem by the same day I ended up hanging up (50 minute call).

    In any case I finally found all my documentation. Both my lease agreement, and service contract state that return policies should be looked up on sprint's website. Which says all leasing/easypay/contracts have a 14 day return period, with a 3 day grace period (no activation fee, just restocking fee that is up to the store).

    I bought sprint service. Cancelled 1 day later. Sprint wants to charge me full fees for cancelling the lease, and contract.
    04-09-2015 09:08 PM
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    Good luck!
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    04-09-2015 09:13 PM
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    Thanks. based on recommendation from another forum I've submitted a complaint with the FCC.
    Given Sprint over a month to settle, called in about 4-5 times now (mind you each call is in the 30+ minute range).
    04-09-2015 10:39 PM

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