1. Gabriel Leveau's Avatar
    Hello all,
    I opened this thread here hoping to find someone willing to help.

    Not sure if there was a more specific place to post this, thus I apologize if that causes any trouble.

    I live in Brazil and unfortunately have been foolled by a "friend" of a friend who was coming to my country and asked if we didn't want to buy used iphones in good shape from the States, which would be much cheaper than here.

    The guy asked if we wanted to pay an extra to have the iphone 5 unlocked.
    We felt that it was too expensive and said: no thanks, we prefer to have it unlocked in Brazil.

    This guy (iphone reseller "for a living") sold us a white iphone that when we plug to itunes shows us as a black one and this locked iphone 5 from Sprint which has been impossible to unlock (we found out about the impossibility to unlock a device from Sprint only when it was already too late but the guy obviously knew that, as most of you do since you live there).

    When asked to help us unlock the device he requested all the device info saying that he never lets his clients unhappy and a couple of days later just blocked us from whatsapp and everywhere else. Stopped replying, disappeared.

    In order to unlock a Sprint device for international use, they require us:
    - To be a good active client (client for some time, having all bills paid - for the last 12 months I think)
    - That the device is associated with the account for at least 90 days

    We thought that maybe if we could find a "good" client from Sprint that could be so nice as to call them for us claiming that he/she needs this phone unlocked to use on an international trip they could be flexible on the 90 days thing or in the last case, associate the device to his/her account, wait 90 days and try again.

    We would obviously send all the necessary info should any of you feel touched by our story and decide to help.

    We are expecting that a good soul in this forum would do that for the good attitude, but if you expect any kind of compensation we can also think about it.

    Sorry for taking your time and we are really hoping to be able to use the phone soon, after almost 2 months trying to having it unlocked (officially, not jailbraking)!

    Thanks a million in advance!

    Gabriel and Danielle
    12-16-2013 11:37 AM
  2. jsntrenkler's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore .. While the above process may work, due to security I don't think it is very likely that someone would engage in such a practice as it is questionable for their own personal security. Best of luck to you, perhaps consider being honest about the phone and list it for sale in your own country, and try to purchase a Verizon model from the states which would likely work for you as they are unlocked.
    12-16-2013 11:58 AM

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