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  1. donawalt's Avatar
    Using MBP 2016, mac os 10.12.4, Chrome browser. Clicking on a thread to read, places the browser in the middle of the post to read, I always have to scroll up to start reading.

    First picture shows what it does now, second photo shows what it should do, or somewhat close to that.

    Attachment 117699Attachment 117700
    Attached Thumbnails Clicking on a thread to read positions the thread at the wrong place to start reading-screen-shot-2017-04-13-8.25.27-am.png   Clicking on a thread to read positions the thread at the wrong place to start reading-screen-shot-2017-04-13-8.25.46-am.png  
    04-13-2017 07:30 AM
  2. Lee_Bo's Avatar
    Is this a thread that you have visited in the past are are coming back to new posts, or is this a thread you have not read at all yet? Seems like I'm getting this on Chrome on Windows 7/10 but I'm thinking the browser remembers me reading the thread to a point and comes back to that same point if new posts are there.

    Can't confirm that yet but will keep my eyes on it.
    04-13-2017 07:39 AM
  3. donawalt's Avatar
    I have just tried it, and it's both thread I have read before (which go to the latest unread post but it's in the middle of the post so I can't read the beginning of it!), as well as new posts I have never read before, which goes to the first post as the pictures show, but at the middle or end of the post so I can read the beginning of the message.

    Also since i have you, I see two other problems that I'll share here - I can't post in a new thread for some reason, I click on post new thread, it lets me, it lets me add a title, but the body of the message text box never starts a cursor to start typing - and if I type nothing happens. I thought it was something with consecutive posts as I had just added this thread, but I have 300+ posts. I add this problem here since I can post a new thread for some reason.

    Also - if a user does Tools/Mark forum read, it does not refresh the thread list to show all threads as read now. The old forum site used to do that. I find myself wondering if the "Mark forum read" command worked or not, I have to manually refresh the browser page to see the result.
    04-13-2017 07:46 AM

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