1. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    Perhaps that is true. Pricing wise, that is. However, the "best this for this type" I think could be valuable for many, especially that newer audience I mention above.

    This is a 1.0 app redesign. Perhaps a future update could bring a customizable lower bar with "Forums" being an option. The default could be as it is now. But us "more tech savvy" users could remove "Tips" or "Buying Guide" if we didn't want them.

    Great feedback so far. Keep it coming!
    I never accessed the forum in the iMore app anyway. It never had Image posting. I'd rather see it add the accounts page with a log in.
    04-11-2017 08:16 AM
  2. Sherry_B's Avatar
    For a news app I think it's fine and serves its purpose. However, I think commenting on the articles is important so hopefully you'll be adding that as a feature in the near future.

    What I think would work wonderfully for this app is the same feature that Safari on iOS has; Reader View. Add that and reading in your news app will be perfection.

    As for this bold warning yellow thing you've got going on, don't care much for that. Apple blue is a better color for relaxing while reading.

    Good job with keeping the news app separate from the forums app. Seems I may be one of the few who can appreciate that as I visit the forums on my desktop computer, and read most news articles on my phone.
    04-13-2017 03:44 PM
  3. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    For days I've been comparing the old version with the new beta version. I have not updated the old app. The more I look at both, the more I like the old version better. In the new version, when you open to a new section, there's a big image at the top. Usually a photo of an iPhone. Why? This takes up a lot of space. Then there's only 3 or 4 story options visible. To see more, you have to tap on a button. Why? In the old version, there's no huge image taking space and to see more stories you just scroll down. Simple and more convenient.
    04-17-2017 06:56 AM
  4. Sherry_B's Avatar
    04-19-2017 07:37 AM
  5. Chuck_IV's Avatar
    I hate this app now, just like I hate Tapatalk. This latest update make the same idiotic change to the way stickies are handled as Tapatalk. Now they flood the top of the list and are all always visible instead of being in their own group. The worst part is if you hide them, you can no longer make them visible unless they get updated.

    Ugh, gonna have to rethink using this app just like I hardly ever use Tapatalk anymore.
    04-23-2017 04:31 PM
  6. maxey05's Avatar
    I like it! Just gives you all the main info you need in a simple way. Just all right there to read and see!
    04-23-2017 04:54 PM
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