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    I hope this is where to post this.

    I am a Limnologist, the freshwater equivalent of an oceanographer, meaning I study water quality in lakes and ponds and develop restoration and management plans for lakes and watersheds. Since i have my own consulting business and travel a lot, consulting all over the United States, mobile gadgets have always been essential to my work. The iPhone 4 replaces many of those. Here are the apps and feauteres I use extensively.

    When I am in the field sampling, I use the Weather Channel app for current conditions and forecasts. I use the gps capabilities with the TomTom app to find my sample sites, and with the Camera app to take geo-coded pictures of samples and samples locations, GPS-Lite to record geographic coordinates - email location to self and cut and paste coordinates. I use DocsToGo extensively to carry along project related documents, including word documents, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations. Thanks to a tip from iPhone Live, I've taken to using iBook for viewing PDF documents: PDF versions of my reports, EPA reports, methodology manuals, user manuals for my equipment and software.

    For work, I also use Photo-Sort app, Calendar and Contacts, Living Earth to get quick weather for current location, SplashID to keep my passwords and account info safe and accessible, SplashNotes to create report outlines and keep organized notes, Y!Messenger, Twitter app and SimplyTweet to keep in touch with friends and colleagues, Go Daddy app to manage my web sites and numerous domain names, X Marks app to access my bookmarks that are kept in synch between my PCs and laptops, Google Earth to view areas around project sites and potential project sites, FedEx Mobile and UPS apps to track packages, Amazom.com App and RedLaser apps for shopping and price comparison.

    So, to me, for work, iPhone 4 = laptop, camera, gps, PND, media player, radio (Sirius App)

    I also use numerous applications for personal entertainment and also because I am a singer/songwriter but perhaps that is another story altogether (I even record rough mixes of new songs and tunes using iPhone 4).

    For more information about the work I do - applied limnlogy, lake & watershed management, environmental planning, geographic informations systems - visit my website at cedareden.com
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    I apologize for the double posting. When I went to edit first one on my iPhone and pasted in the new stuff, it didn't show that the rest of the message was still there and I couldn't restore it. After saving And viewing posts in forum I see they are complete.

    Anyway, use THIS ONE for work contest
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    Sounds like you have it locked down with your iphone 4. Glad it comes in handy for you.
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