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    What forum does iMore currently not have that you would like to see to be able to sound off on as long as the one and only rule so to speak would be that the title of it and subject matter to discuss and talk about would benefit ALL members and guests of iMore. All else is up to you. You are the Community leader, Rene Ritchie and all of the other leaders and people that control what they know members want or would want to see and discuss. you are them all wrapped up in one. Put on your thinking cap and come up with the title of the forum and where should it be under ex. iPhone 5S. iOS 7 etc.
    Remember we DO Not have this now and you have been dying to get to know this idea for a forum you have had in your head and now you have been asked what that would be. List it and the reason why?

    This is not a joke but serious and maybe if seen by the right people and enough thought has gone into it, Maybe they will launch it, Give you credit for coming up with it and create enough buzz to create constant discussion.

    On a whim from an idea at CB I came up with the 20K Challenge. Now this was just my own thread and if you have not seen it in the newly named iMore lounge, Go check out the numbers of people who go there all the time and what it is all about.

    The difference here is that is has to be on topic of a serious subject as I mentioned way above. Lets have fun, let discuss a great subject manner and make it a meaningful Thread that will even get stickied once the count hits discussion level it deserves.

    Good luck and now what would it be. Explain title and reason in a post in this thread. Thank you in advance very much and I mean it.!
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    11-18-2013 04:51 PM
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    We could always use more stuff about BlackBerry!!!!!!!!!!! j/k! Keep up the good work Jan!
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    12-02-2013 12:12 PM

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