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    First Sorry for my english iam from german ;( .So i found Siri Proxy Servers for Spire, i know the administrator, because we were made roms for Xperia X10 - Android but its not important here. I found his site, he made siri proxy servers with ubuntu and 1and1 servers, then when were down i helped him and servers are for ever stable. Now i am not in his team, but i am in his about page as developer. Today I bought one 5 slots server, after 20 minutes i received password to page called Your Proxy, typed and i have https:// line, then i typed it to Settings / Spire and wow after restart is working. So i sent him a message, that is good work. Then i bought an alternative Siri App for Android and iOS called HiSiri for 30$, maybe not cheap but their work is great, their because there is the second developer. Its working on my Xperia U on my 2.3.7 based rom and ipod touch 4g 5.1.1 with spire. Its legit, apple not closed it , they have apple license , and their proxys are 50/50 from apple because they are using 4s keys and google api something like i4siri. Int wanna now how its working, i am interested it is working. So price is: 25$ - 2 slots server, 40$ - 5 slots server, HiSiri App 30$, Paypal method. Their site is on wordpress, i asked why ? They answer that they havent money because all the money are going to administrators daughter rehabilitation i saw his daughter on videos so i know its true, they are earning for her. This is this website: Siri Proxy Servers for SPIRE.

    08-25-2012 10:45 AM