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  1. ModeratorOMD's Avatar
    Please help.

    Apparently, something is causing Siri to have 2 different voices. A good voice and a bad voice.

    The bad voice is very robotic and you can't understand what is being said. The good voice is very fluid and speaks well. It's very difficult to understand Siri with the robotic voice. I really would like to know why it changed. They say it's and iOS bug, but I think it's a software update, saving battery power by rendering the voice in a different way.

    Siri voice changed? - MacRumors Forums

    Have you experienced this? Have you hears the difference? Isn't the robotic voice annoying?

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    07-16-2012 09:55 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    There is definately a difference. Are you both on the same OS build and on the same build of siri? The siri on your phone sounds a little more robotic to me also.
    07-19-2012 11:53 AM