1. Gary Mazo's Avatar
    Since we can ask Siri to call us anything, what name do you have Siri use when she talks to you?
    03-15-2012 07:10 PM
  2. Eileen89's Avatar

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    03-15-2012 07:17 PM
  3. Shooter03's Avatar
    She calls me Mac Daddy.

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    03-15-2012 07:30 PM
  4. ThePinkChameleon's Avatar
    She calls me by my name, 'Pink'
    03-15-2012 08:08 PM
  5. Pjr772's Avatar
    Rock god or sometimes the same thing my wife calls me, jackass
    03-15-2012 08:19 PM
  6. edd's Avatar
    Baby cakes
    03-15-2012 11:02 PM
  7. sherlock's Avatar
    Siri refers to me as "Captain my captain"
    03-16-2012 12:49 AM
  8. Bias X's Avatar
    Bias. You'd be surprised how many times I had to say it to finally get her to stop thinking I was saying biased.
    03-16-2012 12:58 AM
  9. lornaevo's Avatar
    She calls me Andrew.
    03-16-2012 06:45 AM
  10. Buck1127's Avatar
    Taz short for Tazmanian Devil of course

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    03-16-2012 07:38 AM
  11. ladyc0524's Avatar
    I told her to call me Ronnie and her response was ok, I'll call you Blondie...fail!!!!
    03-16-2012 09:50 AM
  12. rewNATION's Avatar
    Jeff Spicoli
    03-16-2012 10:13 AM
  13. GingerSnapsBack's Avatar
    She calls me Lady Laura. I was My Queen then Downton Abbey came back on and I really like Lady Mary's character so I switched to Lady Laura.
    03-16-2012 10:40 AM
  14. iRetired's Avatar
    Your Majesty.

    I toyed with "O Great Bwanna" and "O Most High" but I thought both of those were too over the top.
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    03-16-2012 04:08 PM
  15. |-KGB-|CaptHowdy's Avatar
    Capt. Howdy

    been using that name since as far back as i can remember. hell my gamer friends call me that lol. Theyll say what up capt or sup howdy lol
    03-16-2012 04:39 PM
  16. iVazz's Avatar
    Mine calls me something minor, 'GOD'.

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    03-16-2012 05:43 PM
  17. crigga84's Avatar
    Wealthy Big *****.

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    03-16-2012 07:41 PM
  18. ring o fire's Avatar
    She calls me *****.
    03-17-2012 01:08 PM
  19. applejosh's Avatar
    Supreme Overlord. Or sometimes Benevolent Dictator.
    03-17-2012 06:21 PM
  20. dmbeasley's Avatar
    Siri calls me hottie. Just like everyone else I know

    Okay she's the only one right now, but I'm hoping it will catch on
    03-17-2012 09:05 PM
  21. decarlo4's Avatar
    She calls me Boss.

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    03-17-2012 10:20 PM
  22. peterpan1977's Avatar
    Lieutenant !!
    03-22-2012 03:09 PM
  23. joshzdad2012's Avatar
    Bionic Fart Machine
    03-22-2012 05:40 PM
  24. jkeitz's Avatar
    Siri won't call me anything. Regardless of how I set it, or if I tell Siri to "Call me John," it just won't I've gotten as far as "Ok, I'll call you John" (after three tries of "Ok I'll call you Joan, Jan, and Tom?!?), but I've never heard Siri call me John once.
    03-22-2012 05:58 PM
  25. ModeratorOMD's Avatar
    It calls me by name.
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    03-22-2012 06:28 PM
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