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    I've been reading a bit about Sara over the last few hours, and I have to say it looks promising:

    (older version of Sara shown above)

    From Redmond Pie:
    It seemed inevitable that there would be more in the way of Siri alternatives, though, and a Vietnamese dev team has produced a new, and apparently much more advanced iteration, which operates under the effeminate pseudonym of Sara. This free voice recognition utility takes it a little further than merely setting reminders or driving users crazy with nonsensical conversation, and appears to be much more versatile Ė allowing users to train it to accept new commands.

    Itís described by its creators as having an "open" brain, allowing those in the know to create plug-ins for special commands fairly simply. With Cydia home to so many disciples, we very much doubt there will be a shortage of said plug-ins once Sara is adopted by the masses.

    At this point, though, the feature set remains impressive indeed, the clincher being its ability to scan barcodes and QR codes and indicating which businesses in a userís locale sell that particular product or service.

    But to be honest, what I'm even more interested in is an offshoot of Sara called Sara Dictation. This tweak adds a Siri-like microphone key to your keyboards, giving the ability to dictate text (in almost 40 languages) to be cut and pasted.

    What's the word? Is anyone out there using this yet? I'd love to hear some user reviews, and would really like to hear any information anyone has about the security of this in terms of where the server side work is being done.
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    I've used it. The standalone is pretty weak... I it it to tell mere weather, and open up my applications... But that's it.
    The Sara dictation is ok... But you have to activate it, then paste it once it finishes... Obviously not terrible, but not as easy as it could be.
    It was fairly accurate too, which is great because im a fast talker and a mumbler...
    02-15-2012 03:29 PM