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    I've changed some of the tweaks I have since this post, see the bottom of the post for an update.

    I was very disapointed in how little stock iOS 5 Siri could do, and Siri tweaks in cydia might be the
    biggest reason I love my jailbreak... And more keep coming out, and many are compatible with each other, which has really expanded my usage of Siri, and all her functionality.

    If you have a device that doesn't have Siri, you can search cydia and install spire.

    This tweak lets you use Siri to enable and disable certain setting (wifi, Bluetooth, airplane mode, cellular data) and lets you tell siri to change the screen brightness to any percentage. You can also tell Siri to launch stock apps.

    Is an entire plug-in architecture for developers, but also comes with the ability to search YouTube with Siri (in which video results will be displayed within siri's ui), "let's chat" mode for Siri, which will connect Siri to a wider array of responses to make her more conversational with you, and the ability to tweet using Siri.

    Hands-Free Control
    Is a paid extension ($2.99) which lets you activate Siri without the button, but instead by just saying a keyword. It does distort music/media playback when enabled, so I usually have it disabled in the settings, but it can be enabled again withh an activator gesture.

    Lets you ask Siri to translate a word or a phrase into any of 35 available languages. (doesn't read the translation out loud to you)

    Gives you the ability to tell Siri to reboot your phone, restart springboard, enter safe mode, and launch any app.

    OpenSiri is not compatible with something on this list, but its just another stock app launcher.

    I havnt had most of the jailbreak problems some other people have experienced. But if you can get your jailbreak to work, I would, if only for these extensions to Siri. And sense I've been jailbroken, seems like there's something new for Siri every day!

    The tweak Sireet, which is supposed to let you tweet with Siri, stops Siri from loading a map for directions, prevents her from playing music, and prevents Siri from searching the web. You should uninstall sireet.

    Multifl0w combined with os7: revive causes Siri to start when you don't want her to, often, which breaks Bluetooth music playback until you shut off and turn on Bluetooth again. I've replaced multifl0w with cardswitcher.

    SiriStatus prevents you from sending text messages with Siri. When you try to do that, you get locked into the Siri ui but can't use it, and you have to hard reboot your iPhone.

    The compatible Siri tweaks I now have.

    Awesome facts for chat
    iJokes for chatbot/Siri
    Custom Siri background
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