1. phillyboy4's Avatar
    I'm loving Siri. She spells better than me and enters text faster than I can hunt and peck. I now use Siri or voice input anywhere where keyboard input was required on my old 3g iPhone. So, thanks Apple, you've made a smartphone dyslexics, like me, can use with ease.

    The one issue I've been unable to figure out (I've searched the web) is how to return to a list of results that Siri supplied after checking out one of the list items. For example, if I ask Siri about restaurants in the area, I get a list of restaurants. If I check out the web site of one of the items on the list, I can't get back to the original list to check out another item. I have to ask Siri to redo the search in order to check out another item. This is a bit of a pain. I'm hoping that someone has figured out how to return to a list of Siri results without having to repeat a search request. Can this be done? If this can't be done in this version of Siri, no big deal, Siri makes it so easy for me to use my phone in ways I avoided on my old phone.

    11-22-2011 08:52 AM