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    Hi. I've been seeing several people a day tweeting screenshots of numerous Chinese texts sent from their phones. Apple support are taking these users to DM to discuss this, and it obviously leaves others....me included....wondering how this is happening.

    Are these iPhones being hacked? The Apple ID being hacked? The phone number cloned?
    Is it dodgy apps people are getting letting hackers in?

    Looking at some of the users they aren't people who would have 'jail broken' phones, and whether they have two step verification on their ID I don't know.

    This seems to be totally different to the various email and text scams trying to get ID information. So, does anyone know how this is happening?
    10-19-2016 03:47 PM
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    Have now seen more on this on Reddit, and no wonder it's being kept quiet !!

    Hackers in China hacking people's Apple IDs, sending numerous texts from people's phone and virtually taking over their ID. Apple freezes the ID and some are waiting ages to get back into their accounts etc. The advice from Apple is to sign into ID using a browser, block devices not known to you, change the password and activate 2step verification. Also change other passwords the phone uses, banks, social media etc. It appears hackers are getting through even when 2step verification is on.

    I knew when I left Blackberry and came to iPhone that iPhone wasn't quite as secure, but I never expected to find out anything like this. I wonder what steps Apple are taking on this?
    10-20-2016 06:54 AM
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    Ok. As I seem to be alone in this section of the site....maybe no one comes in here.....research has led me from a tech lad to a Mac security site.

    Info is that it's a relatively new hack from China. One poster claimed to have clicked on a Chinese text message and the rest of the texts suddenly appeared.

    However, the Mac site says they are triggered by the preceding screen message saying your ID is being used on another device...or words similar...and the only way to get rid of the screen message is to press OK. That triggers the texts.

    One poster says he sorted the problem by changing his password and putting on 2stage verification....but another poster claimed that was already on her ID and the texts still got through.

    The Mac security site states they hope Apple is working on a security fix for this as it's starting to appear more widespread. Personally I see a few each day on Apple Support on Twitter.

    I've re-tweeted the source of the info on my Twitter timeline....so anyone following me can see it, and I won't get slapped for bringing it and posting on here without permission.

    So be aware...
    10-20-2016 05:09 PM

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