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    Just a heads up. Effective yesterday you can upgrade your Smartphone data plan to LTE Ready 6GB for $30/month from Rogers. Changed mine from the regular 6GB for my iPhone 4S to LTE Ready and am now sharing data on my new iPad LTE for $10 a month. I'm in Ottawa and yes LTE speeds are coming in on my iPad.
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    04-13-2012 11:15 AM
  2. avmsam's Avatar
    i saw this post and just called in and made the switch ! 6gb for $30, LTE ready and shareable.
    04-13-2012 02:15 PM
  3. floydstyle's Avatar
    what you mean by sharable? Share with family or with another device you own? My wife runs with iPhone 4 and I have 4S. I am waiting on 5 so wife will get my 4S as my 4 is already sold once I get my new device. My wife has a crapy 500MB data plan, so can I just replace my 6GB normal plan with this new one so my wife can drop her plan and use mine?
    09-19-2012 09:10 AM