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Aerodactyl - Meltan Quest

Asked: Jun 08 2019 | 10:27 am EDT 1903 Views 1 Answers

I’ve finally just got an Aerodactyl from a 10km egg (after months and months of searching and hatching!) but it hasn’t counted towards my Let’s GO, Meltan 8/9 task.
I thought egg catches still counted towards the tasks? All the PoGo fan websites state they do.
Any ideas?

Jun 08 2019 | 10:44 am EDT metllicamilitia

I’ve talked to some people in my Pokémon Go Discord channel, eggs hatches unfortunately do not count as catching Pokémon for special research. However, Aerodactyl is both currently in raids and available as a field research reward, which should make it easier to catch one for your Meltan special research.