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How to earn rare items...

Asked: Aug 07 2018 | 11:03 am EDT 1907 Views 2 Answers View Best Answer

How do you earn rare items to evolve certain Pokemon, like the Scyther, etc?

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Aug 07 2018 | 11:24 am EDT metllicamilitia

You need to spin Pokestops. They are rare, but you always gets one on your 7 day streak spin. As long as you spin at least one Pokestop every day, every 7th day you get about 15-2 items on your first spin and one of those is an evolution item. Otherwise it’s random and rare.

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Sep 17 2018 | 9:16 pm EDT metalchick719

As far as Scyther goes, I've hatched most of mine, but also caught a few in the wild as well. You should get rare items when you spin stops or gyms for the first time on your day 7. I usually see sun rocks or metal coats when I spin on those days.